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Best Authentic Korean Restaurants in Buena Park, California

Many know Buena Park as the birthplace of the boysenberry, but what you may not know is that it's the place to be when you have a hankering for authentic Korean cuisine. Sunset Magazine has proclaimed that Buena Park’s burgeoning Korean dining scene is a strong competitor to Koreatown in Los Angeles. From all-you-can-eat to upscale, multi-course options, there’s something for every budget and palate. Bring your appetite and check out this list of our favorite local Korean restaurants!
Shabu shabu at DPot in The Source OC
Eight Korean BBQ—The highlight of the Eight Korean BBQ menu is their Combo A which comes with eight flavors of pork belly from curry to black sesame to miso paste. Plentiful enough to share, all of the combos come with mozzarella kimchi fried rice that’s impressively cooked right in front of you.

dPot – Shabu-shabu is a dining experience unlike any other where guests can swish, pork or seafood, three types of noodles and all-you-can-eat vegetables in the broth of their choice. The interactive experience at dPot lets visitors cook freshly prepared ingredients right at the table.

K Soul Food – Fresh seafood, spicy topokki, donkatsu (pork cutlet), bibimbap, and gimbap are cooked at K Soul Food and served with flavors just like you would find in Korea. If you’re looking to treat yourself, try their live uni and fish roe bibimbap.
Meet and sides at Kang Ho Dong in Buena Park, CA
Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong — Unlike many other Korean BBQs, your server will cook your meat for you at Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong to ensure you get the most ideal experience, so you can relax and watch as they toss prime cuts like rib-eye steak and thin-sliced brisket onto the tabletop grill.

Myungrang Hot Dog – The oh-so-Instagrammable and absolutely delicious Korean hot dog at Myungrang Hot Dog is unlike the American style corn dog, as it is made with mochi giving it both a crispy and slightly chewy texture. Stick to the original hot dog, or enjoy one of their many variations that include potato, squid ink, mozzarella, and rice cake.

Saemaeul Restaurant—Go for a combo to fully experience all that Saemaeul Restaurant has to offer. The short rib and brisket are favorites, along with the plentiful banchan that is brought out for you to enjoy along with your proteins.
Korean barbeque at Cham Soot Gol
Kyung Bok Kung—Diners love the upscale ambiance at Kyung Bok Kung with several private rooms that you can reserve for special occasions. Meals here are multi-course with appetizers of sashimi, jelly noodles, beef tartare, salad, and more included with your selected meat.

Cham Soot Gol—This all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ spot has a service button on each table so you can keep the meats coming until you are satisfied. The brisket and spicy pork at Cham Soot Gol get top marks from diners, as does the unlimited free soft-serve ice cream that’s offered for dessert (if you have room!).
Bone in broth at Gangham House in Buena Park, CA

Gangham House Gangnam House offers Korean grilled meats from traditional bulgogi and galbi to dry-aged beef. Located at The Source, Gangham House looks and feels upscale but offers their high-end quality meats at reasonable prices. Their hot stone pot beef bibimbap is a definite winner.

TNN Tang and Noodle House – From tteok-bokki to hot pot to gimbap, TNN Tang and Noodle House has a vast array of authentic Korean cusine to choose from. Meats cooked to perfection and topped with the freshest vegetables, you’ll want to order a little bit of everything.

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