Insider Guide to Knott's Berry Farm
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Insiders Guide to Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California

A 160-acre amusement park is waiting to welcome families for your next amazing vacation. The family fun at Knott's Berry Farm is incredible! There is plenty to eat and things to do for everyone in the family. Make the most out of your visit with this Insider Guide to Knott's Berry Farm and Knott's Berry Farm Tips from’s Taty Pradilla.

Check Knott's Berry Farm schedules for character meet and greet opportunities. Photo credit: Kristi Mehes

Under the beautiful southern California sun, you’ll always discover tons of fun at Knott's Berry Farm themed park. Big kids and small kids alike will have the time of their lives here and it is easy to please everyone thanks to all the different fun rides, games, thrills, and shows available. Get ready to make the most of your visit with our Insider Guide to Knott's Berry Farm!

Insider Guide to Knott's Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm is a very accessible themed park with tons of charm and thrills located in Buena Park, California. The park is divided into five different areas. For example, The Boardwalk in the back of the park, where most of the "extreme" rides are at. If you aim for a more relaxed visit, Ghost Town, Camp Snoopy, and Fiesta Village are your tickets. Indian Trails is a small area where you can find Native American art, crafts and dance plus a stagecoach ride.

Ready to Visit Knott's Berry Farm? Don't do it until you read our Insider Guider to Knott's Berry Farm! It is full of tips and Knott's Berry Farm secrets that will make the most out of your visit!

Get tickets Knott's Berry Farm

Even when visiting Knott's Berry Farm on a last minute decision, you don't have to pay full price to get in. You can purchase your tickets online where you can find more than a few good discount options the park offers. Another benefit of this? You will not need to wait in line to get your tickets.

Wondering about the best times to visit the park? Open year round, it does not have block out dates for season pass holders. That means that the weekends are more busy at Knott's Berry Farm. School schedules determine busy park days because locals flock to Knott's Berry Farm on off days. Naturally, summer vacation means that summer is always crowded. The park offers seasonal passes, but if you are not a local, one or two day should be enough to fully enjoy Knott's Berry Farm.

insider guide to knott berry farmThe gateway entrance to Knott's Berry Farm shares exciting happenings at the park. Photo credit: Monica Young

Knott's Berry Farm secrets to the popular rides

To avoid long lines, get on the thrill rides from back to front and clockwise. This means you will be looking at Xcelerator, Boomerang and Supreme Scream first and end at Silver Bullet and Ghost Rider.

Serious about thrill rides? Consider this ride order to kick-up the excitement factor as fast as you can the moment you enter the park:

  • GhostRider
  • Pony Express
  • Silver Bullet
  • Jaguar!
  • Voyage to the Iron Ree
  • Coast Rider
  • Xcelerator
  • Bigfoot Rapids
  • Calico Mine Ride
  • Timber Mountain Log Ride

TravelingMom Tip: For the biggest thrill, try to sit in the back for GhostRider.

Insider Guide to Knott's Berry FarmThe GhostRider is one of the tallest and longest wooden roller coasters in the world! Photo Credit: Vista Buena Park

Additionally, for fast ride access, think about getting the Fast Lane wristband. For an additional fee, it can get priority access to rides. Undoubtedly, this will save you time and allow for you to make the most out of your day at Knotts Berry Farm.

TravelingMom Tip: you might not need a Fast Lane wristband for all the members of your party. Thrill ride seekers will get the most bang out of it.

For the smaller guests

Camp Snoopy is the perfect area for families with little ones. Complete with a Camp Snoopy Show, and rides with names like the Linus Launcher, Charlie Brown Kite Flyer, and Pig Pen Mud Buggies. Pig Pen Mud Buggies. You know that this land holds tons of fun for little ones and big and small Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang fans!

Insider Guide to Knott's Berry FarmCamp Snoopy is not only adorable but tons of fun at Knott's Berry Farm! Photo credit: Visit Buena Park

TravelingMom Tip: Water rides are tons of fun. Do them earlier in the day so your clothes can get dry as you enjoy the park!


The Famous Mrs. Knott's Chicken

Right outside of Knott's Berry Farm at the Marketplace, you will find Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant. Yes, the chicken is a must try as well as the pie. The food here is prepared to order, so there is a bit of a wait for your food. Skip it if you are pressed for time. You can always eat inside the park at any of the restaurants. You can choose from both quick-service and full-service restaurant options.

Insider Guide to Knott's Berry FarmFingerpicking good chicken is served at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant right outside of the theme park. Photo credit: Visit Buena Park

Healthier food options

If you are watching what you eat and pizza is not what you are looking for, Knott's does offer health-conscious, vegetarian and gluten-free option. Our favorite spot for a healthier menu option is Sutter's Fine Family Fare.

Dining Plans

These are the dining plans available that can simplify eating at the park and/or save you money:

  • All Season Dining Plan: Enjoy lunch and dinner
  • All Season Drinks Refill: Quench your thirst all day with unlimited drink refills.
  • All Day Dining plan: Have an entry and a side. 90 minutes later if you are hungry have the same again.
  • Single Meal Deal: for $14.99 have an entree, side and drink at any of the 16 restaurants at Knott's Berry Farm and Soak City.

Important Knott's Berry Farm Insider Tips

  • With over 40 rides available at Knott's Berry Farm, you might want to use the app to check on height requirements to avoid any meltdowns. You can be too small or too tall for some rides.
  • Plan to cool off at one of the many indoor shows offered around Knott's Berry Farm
  • Thrill seekers will want to get tickets for this summer when the new dive coaster "hangtime" will be in operation. It promises to give riders the sensation to be floating!

Knott's Berry Farm guest relations can also help with measuring everyone before heading out to the rides. Photo credit: Julie Bigboy

  • Hit the more popular rides in the morning. Whatever you have not done by 10:30 am will get done later when the sun goes down and the park gets emptier.
  • Get aboard the real size train and get ready to be robbed by old west villains!
  • Use Parent swap and avoid having to stand in line twice for height-restricted rides.
  • Water bottles and daypacks are allowed. You can also eat your own sandwiches at the picnic tables available in the park

Insider guide to knott berry farm vista buena park

Flying Ace is a popular ride at Camp Snoopy in Knott's Berry Farm. Photo credit: Julie Bigboy

Arrive late afternoon? For a reduced ticket price, enjoy 6 hours of Knott's Berry Farm fun. This works best on a weekday afternoon.

Knott's Berry Farm Insider tip on where to stay

After an amazing day enjoying Knott’s Berry Farm, you might not want to drive back home right away. Choose to stay at the Knott's Hotel and get ready for loads of more fun!

Without a doubt, all Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang fans will love the Snoopy-themed wing and pool. The kids will be greeted by snoopy plush toys, and you will sleep surrounded by character drawings. Best of all, you can request for Snoopy to come and tuck the kids into bed!

snoopyKids get their very own plush toy when you book a room at the Knott's Berry Farm hotel. Photo Credit: Margalit Francus Autism Traveling Mom

But wait that’s not all! There are plenty of activities for the kids to enjoy. After walking the park you might not need (or want!) more exercise, but the hotel also offers a fitness center. Feed your family at one of the hotel restaurants, and if you still have some energy left, burn it out at any of the lighted sports courts.

One final insider tip! Get your complete Visit Buena Park Travel Guide and be sure to take advantage of everything it offers!

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