Exciting New Additions to the PEANUTS Celebration at Knott's Berry Farm | Buena Park, CA
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Exciting New Additions to the PEANUTS Celebration at Knott's Berry Farm

Snoopy and Charlie pin at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA
You'll want to head over to Knott's Berry Farm for the PEANUTS Celebration! Every January through March, this event is filled with tasty treats, swingin' stage shows and more will delight your entire family. Now in its second year with newly expanded experiences, we're here to offer up insight on the three can't miss attractions at the PEANUTS Celebration!

For nearly one hundred years, Knott's Berry Farm has been drawing fans from all over. What started as a small family farm soon grew into a world famous destination thanks to Mrs. Knott’s legendary fried chicken dinners, boysenberries and an Old West Ghost Town. Since then, the once small family farm has grown into today's 160-acre family fun destination. Fun is always in season at Knott’s Berry Farm! With dozens of rides, shows and attractions in four themed areas, there is something for everyone at Knott’s.

#1: Woodstock's Birds-Eye View

Woodstock sticker on window at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA
Gracefully rise up into the sky inside the nest of Snoopy's famous little yellow sidekick, Woodstock! This adorable overlay of Knott's Berry Farm's Sky Tower brings an all new experience to PEANUTS Celebration by giving you a birds-eye view of the theme park, while being narrated by Woodstock and Charlie Brown's pal, Franklin. You'll want to check out the views, and see if you can find any of the rest of the PEANUTS crew roaming the theme park below.

#2: Shows, Shows, and MORE Shows!

Charlie Brown and man at PEANUTS Celebration at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA
Knott's is well known for its shows throughout the year, but this time of year they bring their A-game for family friendly delights on stage. Taking place all day, all around the park are a wide variety of PEANUTS themed extravaganzas! From "The Music Goes 'Round and Around" on the Calico Mine Stage where Sally, Schroeder and Snoopy learn the differences of musical styles (PS: The rock and roll part is our favorite), to the brand new show, 'Space Beagle' where Charlie and Lucy help Snoopy become the first dog on the moon, these shows will have you laughing and tapping along to the charming and energetic beat!

#3: Charming Comic Strip Snacks

Boysenberry funnel cake at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA
You can't experience PEANUTS Celebration without picking up any of the limited time treats! There's your classic Snoopy cookie, or Charlie Brownies, but why stop there? There's the Jelly Jelly Bean Funnel Cake - a funnel cake topped with red jelly beans, whipped cream and strawberry sauce, or the super-instagrammable fruit-loop bar, a colorful and tasty take on a rice crispy treat.

If sweet is a little too, well, sweet, there's some new savory options for you to munch on as well. Over in Fiesta Village, you can pick up a foot long all-beef hot dog topped with peppers and onions, or a meat lover's pizza at Beachy Keen's or Sutter's Pizza. Both are fantastic, but you'll have to decide for yourself which is your favorite when you visit.
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