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Travel the World at These Buena Park Eateries

Want to travel the world without leaving SoCal? The Buena Park restaurant scene is full of foreign delicacies like bulgogi, pho, lamb vindaloo, and escargot. Head to France for breakfast, Argentina for lunch, and Korea for dinner. You'll be a restaurant world traveler in no time with this list that has it all!

Crunch roll at Aburi Sushi in Buena Park, CA


Aburi Sushi

Enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere and premium all-you-can-eat dining at Aburi Sushi. From classic rolls like the California roll and the rainbow roll, to albacore poke sashimi, there's something for every taste.

Yoshiharu Ramen

When nothing will satisfy like a warm bowl of ramen, head to Yoshiharu where velvety broths are long-simmered for a deep flavor that you'll love. The tonkatsu spicy black ramen combines two popular ramens into one bowl full of flavor and spice. Top it with pork chashu.

Miss Shabu

Premium all-you-can eat ingredients are paired with hand-picked sake for an experience you'll enjoy any day of the week at Miss Shabu. Go for the spicy seafood broth and white bone broth—both flavorful, both delicious.

Hot pot with vegetables and meat at dPot in Buena Park, CA



Enjoy this Korean favorite and create your own shabu shabu hot pot at dPot. It all starts with your favorite broth and noodles, topped with veggies and prime cuts of meat. Don't skip out on the pork belly kimchi Korean pancake; it's a diner favorite!

Pelicana Chicken

Whether you go for bone-in, boneless, or wings, it's all about the chicken at Pelicana. Get the hot spicy sauce (if you can handle it) or go for more traditional garlic or soy. The shredded cabbage salad goes well with anything on the menu.

Korean BBQ with sides at Gangnam House in Buena Park, CA

Korean BBQ

Gangnam House

From traditional bulgogi to dry-aged beef, all the meat that Gangnam House offers is of the highest quality. Don't know what to order? Go with one of the combinations that come with multiple meats; it is plenty to share.

Kang Ho-dong Baekjeong

Known for its top notch meats and copious sides, Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong is another great option for Korean BBQ. The tender brisket gets rave reviews as do the helpful servers.

Chicken, beef, pork, chorizo, and shrimp in a bowel at La Hausteca in Buena Park, CA


Tacos la Calle

You can't go wrong with the sopes or burritos with carne asada and carnitas topping the list. Tacos La Calle is known to have some of the best breakfast burritos in town.

La Huasteca

You'll love the ambiance at La Huasteca, this restaurant that serves up all the classic Mexican dishes that you crave. Get a friend to go in on the molcajete Azteca that comes loaded with all sorts of meats including chicken, beef, pork, chorizo, and shrimp.


Lupo D'Abruzzo

In business since 1966, this classic Italian restaurant, Lupo D' Abruzzo, knows what you like and that's traditional fried calamari, bruschetta, and insalata caprese. The chicken piccata is bursting with freshness, and the eggplant parmigiana is breaded and baked just the way you like it.

Meat, rice, hummus, and salad at California Pita Grill in Buena Park, CA


California Pita Grill

Fans rave about the grilled plates that come with your choice of meat including kafta kabob and grilled shrimp, along with Greek salad, rice, and a fresh-baked pita at California Pita Grill.

Golden Rose

Bring a big group as you'll want to share all the favorite appetizers like labneh, moussaka, and fried kibbeh at Golden Rose. The lamb chop entree comes highly recommended, as does the falafel plate.

Peta bread at India House in Buena Park, CA


India House

You'll definitely want to be hungry when ordering from India House as they have all your favorites like chicken tikka masala, lamb vindaloo, shrimp saag, and aloo gobi. Garlic naan is a requirement as is the lentil papadum.



Everyone loves the chicken satay with peanut sauce so that's definitely how you should start your meal at Uncle Fung's. The Singaporean Laksa Mee is a flavorful soup that's perfect for a cool day and the roti prata is a must-order as it comes with a Borneo island curry sauce for dipping.

Three bowls of rice and chicken at Yangs Braised Chicken in Buena Park, CA


Yang's Braised Chicken Rice

Yang's Braised Chicken Rice serves only one item—the braised chicken bowl—and you can get it regular, authentic, or spicy. Any way they serve it up, it's delicious!


Aji Limon

Start your meal at Aji Limon with ceviche and then go for the pollo enrollado—chicken rolled up with shrimp and peppers in a special oyster sauce. The lomo saltado is another favorite; you'll get beef sauteed with onions, tomatoes, and French fries that's served with rice.

Two macarons at Sweet Box in Buena Park, CA


Paris Baguette

Whether you are looking for specialty croissants like the matcha cream croissant, or you need a cake for a special occasion, Paris Baguette is your spot. Order up their French pastries for your next brunch including everyone's favorite, the pain au chocolat.

Sweet Box

Macarons of every flavor line the case at Sweet Box where you can even get some too-cute-to-eat macarons made to look like your favorite characters. They also specialize in the light and airy dragon beard candies that are unlike anything you've ever tried before.

The Cauldron

This witchy establishment takes you back to 17th century France for delicious libations like the French margarita that includes a Chambourd float. At The Cauldron, go for the charcuterie plate if you have a group and snag the escargot for yourself.

Meat, rice, salad, sandwiches, and chips at Porto's in Buena Park, CA


Porto's Bakery & Cafe

Traditional Cuban pastries fill the menu at this hot spot like the favorite cheese roll and papa rellena (meat-filled potato ball). For a real taste of Cuba at Porto's, go for the plato de lechón that includes slow-roasted pork, Cuban-style black beans, rice, and maduros (sweet, fried plantains).


Gaucho Grill

This Argentinian steakhouse knows their meat from skirt steak to short ribs to the rack of lamb. It's all cooked over the fire to perfection. Be sure to start your meal with some empanadas and save room for the garlic-forward gaucho fries at Gaucho Grill.

Lomo Saltado fries and shaken fries at SUP Noodle Bar in Buena Park, CA


SUP Noodle Bar

Fresh-made spring rolls and golden bao are must-try appetizers at SUP Noodle Bar but it's the shaken house fries that has everyone talking. Skinny fries are loaded with shaken beef belly, garlic, caramelized onions, sharp cheddar cheese, and spicy tartar sauce. Trust us, you're going to love it!

Main St. Pho & Grill

Fresh and hot pho is the favorite at this Vietnamese spot and you can get it just the way you like it with your favorite protein and veggies. For a non-pho option, the shaken beef cubes at Main St. are served with rice and you'll definitely want to order it again, we know it!

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