Top Spots Where You Should Never Skip Dessert
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Top Spots Where You Should Never Skip Dessert

It's always a good time for dessert, especially with so many unique options around Buena Park. Will you go for the honeycomb-topped ice cream, the boysenberry Cookiewich, or the "croffle"—a tasty combination of croissant and waffle? There's not a wrong choice in the bunch. Make your next meal dessert-only and check out these spots that know how to do it right.

Korean walnut pastries at Cocohodo in Buena Park, CA

Porto’s Bakery & Cafe
You might get overwhelmed with all of the sweet choices at Porto's so we suggest you choose between the traditional cheese roll, dulce de leche cake, the guava and cheese strudel, or a slice of the mango mousse cake.

If you are a fan of fluffy castella and Japanese cheesecake, head to Cheesetella in The Source OC. Paired with herbal tea or coffee, it's the perfect afternoon treat.

The star of the menu at Cocohodo are little pastries filled with red bean paste and walnuts that are served warm. Try it alongside an affogato—a scoop of ice cream topped with espresso. The fruit-topped shaved ice is a refreshing alternative on a warm day.

Honeymee ice cream in Buena Park, CA

Don Melt
Let us introduce you to the "croffle," the delicious marriage of a croissant and a waffle. Don Melt at The Source OC serves them up with copious whipped cream and other toppings like strawberries, matcha powder, and apple cinnamon crumbles.

It's no surprise that honey is all over the menu at Honeymee, which serves up true milk ice cream. Get your ice cream topped with a honeycomb or natural raw honey, or go all out and get the honey affogato that has an added drizzle of coffee.

Knott’s Berry Farm
When your sweet tooth kicks in at Knott’s Berry Farm, definitely go for one of the many iconic boysenberry treats that you can find throughout the park. We love the Boysenberry Cookiewich—boysenberry soft serve sandwiched between two massive chocolate chip cookies—and the traditional boysenberry pie (a la mode, of course!).

Mochinut donut at The Source OC in Buena Park, CA

Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner
Homestyle favorites are on the menu at Mrs. Knott's and pie is definitely the star for dessert. Whether you go for the world-famous boysenberry pie or the fresh-baked apple, the slices are more than enough to share (if you're feeling generous).

These adorable treats combine Japanese mochi with American donuts for a chewy bite that's unlike other donuts you've tried. With flavors like ube, churro, and black sesame that change daily, you can come back to Mochinut at The Source OC again and again.

Old Ferry Donut
Founded in Seoul in 2016, Old Ferry Donuts at The Source OC specializes in tender donuts filled with coconut cream, mascarpone cream, and even peanut butter cream. The raspberry ball is filled with, you guessed it, fresh raspberries and topped with a perfectly pink raspberry glaze.

It's a tough choice between the cream pancakes and soft serve-filled waffles at Overflo. in The Source OC so we suggest you go for both and bring a few friends. You can also get the soft serve in a cup with pretty much any topping you could imagine including red bean, fresh banana, matcha, and Thai tea.

Sweet Box
Sweet Box at The Source OC is a feast for the eyes with rows of colorful macarons to choose from, some in the shape of your favorite Angry Birds or Pokemon character. For a really unique sweet, try the dragon beard candy that's filled with peanut and black sesame, along with other fun flavors.

The Bakery
Fruit-topped cakes and tarts fill the glass cases as you walk into this patisserie and coffee shop. Milk cream donuts are our pick, or if you are looking to treat your special someone, the unicorn cupcake is the star at The Bakery in The Source OC.

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