Top 50 List of the Best Food & Beverage Items in Buena Park
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Top 50 List of the Best Food & Beverage Items in Buena Park

Get ready for your foodie adventure! This list has all our favorite Buena Park spots with out-of-this-world food experiences from Korean BBQ to all-day breakfast sandwiches to award-winning pastries. With sweet, spicy, and everything in between, there's something that is sure to satisfy your cravings.

#1. Shaken fries topped with beef belly, garlic, onions and cheese at SUP Noodle Bar
#2. Potato Balls filled with Cuban style ground beef, onion, and bell peppers at Porto’s
#3. Knotty Kid cocktail with Boysenberry Cotton Candy at The Cauldron
#4. Souffle Pancakes topped with strawberry yogurt and fruit at Basilur Tea
#5. Siren Buttermilk fried chicken sandwich at Burger Monster

Croffle trio at Don Melt at The Source OC

#6. Strawberry Soft Serve at Overflo.
#7. Italian Beef topped with gravy and peppers at Portillo’s
#8. Monkee Wings fried to perfection at Chubbee Monkee
#9. Tiramisu Croffle at Don Melt
#10. Gorgonzola Pizza at Il Fiora
#11. Chicken Katsu, egg and cheese sandwich at Eggslice
#12. Short Rib empanadas at Gaucho grill
#13. Cinnamon roll French toast at Black Bear Diner
#14. Bloody Mary or mimosa Flights at Broken Yolk
#15. Bulgogi BBQ breakfast sandwich at Flippoly

#16. Fruit Waffles topped with fruit and ice cream at Coffee Code
#17. Funnel Cakes topped with boysenberry sauce at Knott’s Berry Farm theme park
#18. Boysenberry Pie at Knott’s Bakery
#19. Fried chicken and biscuits and Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner
#20. Honey Affogato soft serve ice cream at Honeymee
#21. Animal Style Hamburger at In-n-out
#22. Traditional Korean BBQ at Kyung Bok Kung
#23. Avocado Toast at In-sit Coffee
#24. Poke at Poke Yaki
#25. Famous Ramen at Yoshiharu

#26. Any coffee at Van Dyke Coffee Roasters
#27. Borneo Rice Plate with BBQ pork at Uncle Fung
#28. Pork Dumplings filled with pork & kimchi at Myungin Dumplings
#29. Beer Flights at Rock & Brews
#30. Cream Puffs at The Bakery Café
#31. Birria tacos at Red Tacos Rey de la Birria truck
#32. Old Miss Shabu at Miss Shabu Restaurant & Sake Bar
#33. Cheese topokki at Jaws TPK
#34. Chashu Ramen at Kitakata Ramen
#35. Miso Tsukemen at Ramen & Tsukemen TAO

#36. Sushi at Ki Sushi & Sake Bar
#37. Injeolmi French Toast with whipped cream and fruit at Mealtop
#38. Matcha Scone at Smoking Tiger Coffee & Bread
#39. Original Fried Chicken at KoKo Chicken & BBQ
#40. Brown Sugar Milk Tea at TBaar
#41. Spanish latte at Stereoscope Coffee Company
#42. Breakfast Burrito at Athenian Burger
#43. Broasted chicken at Paul’s Place
#44. Deep Fried Potato & Mozzarella Hot Dog at Myungrang Hot Dog
#45. Porterhouse Steak at Prime & Beyond

#46. Dragon Beard Candy or delectable macaroons at Sweetbox
#47. Milk Pebble or Strawberry Mochi Donut at Mochinut
#48. Melon Shaved Ice at Okbingsul
#49. Any and all cakes from Paris Baguette
#50. Molcajete Azteca at La Huasteca

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