Our Love for Chicken Runs Deep... Fried
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Our Love for Chicken Runs Deep... Fried

The taste of a crispy fried exterior with that juicy, tender center is a marriage of flavor that keeps people coming back for more. This list of the top 10 best fried chicken spots in Buena Park, CA will truly delight your taste buds.

Pelicana Chicken: With over 50 variations of chicken and sauces, there’s something for every palate in the friend group. Pelicana has been serving up their fried chicken since 1982 in Daejeon, South Korea, so you know they’ve got the process refined to perfection.

Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner: It’s been over 80 years since Mrs. Knott first shared her humble recipes with the small town of Buena Park. Today, you can still get a taste of that very same crispy chicken, creamy mashed potatoes, and hot biscuits in the tea room where she first served them.

Misoolkwan OC: The essential spot for weekenders looking for a pub atmosphere with mouthwatering eats. Their garlic fried chicken, your favorite flavor of soju, and great company are a combination for a memorable Friday night.

KoKo Chicken & BBQ: Whether you’re team thigh, drumstick or flat, KoKo Chicken has got you covered. Offering original fried half and whole chicken, wings, and strips, it’s a party for all types of fried chicken lovers.

Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai: Pre-game your chashu ramen with an appetizer of juicy fried chicken. Marinated in their special house sauce, Kitakata takes the time to make sure the dish lives up to its name.
Buffalo Wild Wings: Tossed in any of their 26 flavored sauces, the boneless fried chicken wings at BWW are the sure-fire way to elevate game day. Let’s face it, boneless save time so you can eat more wings. Don’t forget to add a side of cheese curds to round out the meal.

SoCal Wings: Sauce with a side of fried chicken, yes please. SoCal Wings has 23 sauces and 7 dry rubs to choose from, including garlic sesame, classic buffalo, honey garlic sriracha, and mango madness. You can also do some serious dunking with their 6 different dipping sauces. Watch out, Michael Jordan.

Hat Trick Hot Chicken: Hat Trick keeps it simple and asks how spicy you want your fried chicken. Their flavors range from original crispy to canon hot, for the adventurous folk who’ve binge-watched every episode of Hot Ones and are up for the challenge. You can get wings, drumsticks, or a sandwich and see how your taste buds fare.

Black Bear Diner: If you’re looking for breakfast at any time of day, Black Bear Diner is the place to be with their Bigfoot Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs combo. Coming in at 10 oz., this steak is the heavyweight champion of fried chicken steaks. If breakfast isn’t your jam, their homestyle fried chicken dinner is something you can always count on.

Rock & Brews: You’re listening to classic rock, cold brewskie in hand, and you realize the only thing missing is a drumstick of chicken smothered in buffalo sauce. Defend your side of the great debate between boneless vs. traditional wings at Rock & Brews and top it off with a side of homestyle onion rings.
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