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Craveable Gourmet Sandwiches You Won't Want to Miss in Buena Park

Let's all agree, the sandwich is pretty much the perfect food. Whether your sandwich cravings hit in the wee hours of the morning or late at night, Buena Park has got you covered in the sandwich department. These spots serve up some craveable sandwiches that are, literally, the greatest thing since sliced bread. Get ready to check them all off!

Burger Monster

While burgers are the mainstay of Burger Monster, we know you're going to love the Screaming Harpy. This chicken sandwich is loaded with a juicy, citrus-marinated chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato, basil pesto, and lemon aioli. Be sure to save room for the Minion Fries!

Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner

It's all about the chicken at Mrs. Knott's and the chicken salad croissant-wich is the way to go when you want your chicken served up sandwich style. All white meat chicken is used to make their chicken salad and it's served on a bed of arugula and tomatoes inside a fresh-baked croissant. The perfect option before you head to Knott's Berry Farm.

Paul's Place

Head on over to Paul's Place where you can enjoy a classic pastrami sandwich that's so loaded with pastrami that you just might have trouble eating it all in one seating. Consider yourself warned; it's a beast!


If you know Portillo's, you know they are famous for their Italian beef sandwich. The sandwich is served by splashing a bit of their flavorful, secretly-spiced gravy on the thinly sliced Italian beef. Or you can go all in and get your sandwich “dipped,” which means they dip the whole sandwich in gravy. Really, you can't go wrong whichever way you choose.


The sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich at Eggslice is the guaranteed way to start your day off on the right foot. You'll get a house-made 100% pork shoulder sausage patty, topped with an over medium egg that's served on a local artisan brioche bun with a slice of cheese and an ounce of their slow-simmered Chilli Jam. Warm and delicious!

Pelicana Chicken

It's all about the bird here and the Peli Smoky Chicken Sandwich at Pelicana Chicken gets top billing for sandwich lovers. Served with fries, it's the perfect crispy chicken sandwich any time of day.

Porto's Bakery & Cafe

You have to go with the classic Cubano sandwich at Porto's as they really know how to do it right. Slices of slow-roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and Cuban dressing are served up on freshly-baked Cuban bread that's pressed thin, just the way you like it.

California Pita Grill

When you want Mediterranean flavors, head to California Pita Grill and order up the falafel pita. The crispy fried falafel is the star and you'll be coming back for more.

Main St. Pho & Grill

When you go for Vietnamese food, naturally you'll want to try the banh mi grilled chicken sandwich at Main St. This freshly-toasted baguette sandwich comes with chunks of grilled chicken, slices of cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno, and pickled daikon and carrots. It's the tangy, fresh bite you've been craving.

Rock and Brews

Head straight for the Headliner Sandwiches at Rock and Brews where you'll find the Santa Maria Tri-Tip sandwich. An artisan French roll holds thick slices of tri tip, pico de gallo, greens, garlic aioli, and BBQ sauce. It's messy and you're gonna love it.

Gaucho Grill

Go for the Lomito sandwich at the Argentinian steakhouse, Gaucho Grill, as it is loaded with sliced tenderloin, provolone, a fried egg, veggies, lemon aioli, and pistou. It comes with your choice of the Gauchito salad, fries, or vegetables.


The lox and bagel sandwich at In-Sit is the classic combination you've been craving. A freshly toasted bagel is topped with smoked salmon, red onions, capers, tomato, and some avocado cream cheese for that California touch.

Black Bear Diner

It's a retro favorite for a good reason; the chicken avocado club sandwich at Black Bear Diner has withstood the test of time. This triple-stack includes a marinated grilled chicken breast, avocado, thick-cut smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese, and mayonnaise. Why mess around with a good thing?

The Cauldron

When sandwich cravings bring you to The Cauldron, order up the croque monsieur sliders. You'll get three mini Hawaiian roll sandwiches of ham and smoked gruyere cheese, all topped with a garlic mustard bechamel sauce.

Supreme Pizza

Traditional Italian is on the menu at Supreme where you'll find everyone's favorite, the meatball sub. Juicy meatballs in marinara sauce are served up with provolone and parmesan cheese in this classic sandwich that everyone loves.

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