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16 Buena Park Restaurants Serving Up Seafood

A visit to Buena Park isn't complete without enjoying a meal or two of the freshest seafood. From sushi to pho to the area's best fish tacos, there are options for every craving and every budget. Scroll down to find some of our local favorites when only seafood will satisfy you!

Pork cutlet gimbap at Jaws TPK in Buena Park, CA

Jaws TPK

Authentic Korean food is the star at Jaws TPK and there are loads of options for seafood lovers. The Fried Shrimp Gimbap (the Korean version of sushi) comes packed with savory deep-fried shrimp and hot wasabi mayo. Another great option is the Deep Fried Set—sweet potato, shrimp, squid, seaweed roll, dumpling, and veggies all crispy fried to perfection.

Aji Limon

Peruvian eats are the star at Aji Limon and we definitely recommend trying the Parihuela, a seafood soup made with fresh fish, shrimp, clams, squid, onions, and tomatoes. The Arroz con Mariscos is another excellent choice that serves up seafood rice with tomatoes, vegetables, and aji amarillo sauce.
Shrimp, octopus, lobster, and grilled vegetables at La Hausteca in Buena Park, CA

K Soul Food

The spicy shrimp soup is the perfect way to start your meal with a little heat at K Soul Food. When choosing your entree, everyone knows that the Original Topokki is the menu favorite. You'll get rice cake, cabbage, fishcake, pepper, onion, and carrots for a filling and delicious meal.

La Huasteca

Fresh-made Mexican food will satisfy all your cravings at La Huasteca and we've got the perfect selection for seafood lovers. The Molcajete de Mariscos is a generous portion of shrimp, octopus, lobster, and grilled vegetables served in a stone bowl with a Mexican hot sauce. The Pescado Yucateco takes whitefish that's marinated in achiote and spices and serves it up on a banana leaf with white rice and vegetables.

Shrimp, corn, lobster and fries at Kickin' Crab in Buena Park, CA

Kickin' Crab

Start your meal off at the Kickin' Crab with a dozen freshly-shucked raw oysters with all your favorite condiments like cocktail sauce and Tabasco. Then get your friends to share the Seafood in a Bag so you can choose more tasty seafood options like crawfish, shrimp, Dungeness crab, and King Crab legs.

Ocean Snack

Warm up with a bowl of Spicy Seafood Ramen at Ocean Snack before you dig into a bowl of Shrimp Fried Rice. This spot inside The Source OC has tons of seafood-forward options for when you are shopping and the cravings hit.

Pho, fries, and shrimp at SUP Noodle Bar in Buena Park, CA

Sup Noodle Bar

Everyone comes to Sup Noodle Bar to satisfy those pho cravings. Pho Tom is the way to go when you want your 24-hour bone broth topped with poached shrimp, white onions, scallions, and cilantro. Don't miss out on the fried rice that you can get topped with even more shrimp, scrambled eggs, and homemade spicy aioli.

Ki Sushi

Ki Sushi offers some of the freshest fish around. Ditch the rice and cut right to the chase with the Protein Roll that's packed with spicy tuna, yellowtail, tuna, salmon, crab meat, avocado, and gobo, then wrapped with soy paper and topped with cucumber and Ki sauce. If you have an entree-sized appetite, the Miso Salmon is the perfect choice—grilled salmon marinated in sake miso that's served with steamed veggies.

Seafood pasta at Il Palco in Buena Park, CA

Odori Sushi

Whether you opt for all-you-can-eat or order up your favorites for take-out, Odori Sushi is a great option. Order up the Unagi Bowl and you'll get freshwater eel served with white rice, miso, and a salad. Teriyaki Salmon is another popular choice—get it in a bento box and a side of California rolls and mixed tempura.

Fish tacos at Rock and Brews in Buena Park, CA

Rock & Brews

While pizza and burgers dominate the menu at Rock & Brews, there are a number of excellent options for the seafood lovers in your crew. The Blackened Atlantic Salmon is a solid (and filling) choice with fresh vegetables and mashed potatoes or fruit to go along with it. Served hot and crispy, the Beer-Battered Fish Tacos is the perfect choice to go along with your IPA.

Poki Yaki

If you've never ventured into the land of the poke bowls, what are you waiting for? Poki Yaki serves up poke bowls just the way you like them—loaded with the freshest spicy salmon, tuna, octopus, and all the veggies and sauce you want. Load it up!

Ramen and sides at Yoshiharu in Buena Park, CA


The perfect start to a seafood meal at Yoshiharu is the Takoyaki—a fish cake ball that's filled with diced octopus stuffing. Our other favorite also comes from the appetizer menu—the Kaki Fry. This deep fried oyster will whet your palate for all the delicious ramen that Yoshiharu has to offer.

Tacos la Calle

You haven't truly experienced California if you haven't had a fish taco, and Tacos la Calle is the place to go when these cravings hit. If shrimp is more your style, they grill them up fresh and serve them in tacos, quesadillas, mulitas, and burritos.

Pacific Roll and flower at Aburi Payce in Buena Park, CA

Aburi Sushi

When all-you-can-eat sushi is what you crave, Aburi Sushi is the spot. Be sure you go local and get the Buena Park roll—a premium combo of seared albacore, asparagus, avocado, and shrimp tempura. The Baked Alaskan is another popular choice with baked salmon, crab, avocado, and cucumber.

Sapporo Sushi & Grill

When you start your meal off with a bowl of hot Seafood Yaki Udon, you know it's going to be a great meal at Sapporo. Go grilled for your entree and choose everyone's favorite—the grilled calamari. It's fresh and it's delicious.

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