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Buena Park's Best Sweet and Unique Treats

With a wide selection of award-winning desserts and unique treats, it will be hard to just try one of these top 15 places to grab something sweet.
Variety of foods at Portos Bakery in Buena Park, CA.
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1. Porto's Bakery & Cafe

Voted "The #1 Restaurant in the Country" by Yelp, the world-renowned restaurant serves authentic Cuban pastries, cakes and desserts. Indulge in Porto's famous guava cheese tart, rich chocolate eclair and flavorful mango cake.

2. Modoo Donuts

Imagination runs wild at Modoo Donuts, a popular Buena Park doughnut shop that serves everything from the classic glaze and sprinkles to flaky croissant doughnuts, their popular blueberry and the picture worthy panda doughnut.

Creme puff at Paris Baguette in Buena Park, CA.
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3. Paris Baguette

Looking for French Pastries? Look no further than this authentic French bakery, Paris Baguette, with unbelievable creampuffs, a variety of macrons, flaky chocolate croissants and specialty sandwiches and coffees.

4. Knott's Bakery

Located outside of the theme park, the Knott's Bakery is still making fresh pies, pastries and cookies using many of Cordelia Knott's original recipes. A favorite amongst visitors is the Boysenberry pie which has drawn guests from miles away for over 75 years.

Couple drinking coffee at 85 Bakery in Buena Park, CA.
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5. 85°C Bakery Cafe

Featuring recipes from three award-winning chefs, 85C Bakery Café offers a wide variety of French and Korean pastries. Favorites include their Crème brûlée cake, delectable brioche loaf, taro roll and sea salt coffee.

6. Coffee Code

Named “The Best Coffeehouse” by OC Weekly, Coffee Code is known for their world-championship latte art and their decadent dessert waffles. The made-to-order waffles are topped with fresh fruit, chocolate syrup and a scoop of ice cream.

Boy eating funnel cake at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA.
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7. Ghost Town Grub at Knott’s Berry Farm

Freshly made funnel cakes are fried to perfection and covered with powdered sugar. Visitors of Ghost Town at Knott's Berry Farm can add a fruit topping including apple, strawberry or boysenberry before being finished with a dollop of soft serve.

8. Honeymee

This small ice cream shop only has a few items but they do them to perfection. Their kosher ice cream is topped with 100% raw honey and a choice of coffee, chocolate or honeycomb. For a twist, try a milk shakes made with kosher dairy, fresh fruit and sweetened with liquid honey at Honeymee.

Walnut pastry at Cocohodo in Buena Park, CA.

9. Cocohodo

The uniquely Korean bakery, Cocohodo, is one of the only places to find the delicacy, Ho Do Gwa Ja which translates to walnut pastry. A rich Korean tradition, the pastry is baked in the shape of a walnut and stuffed with a sweet red bean mousse and a large walnut chunk.

10. Chocolate Chair

Chocolate Chair is a premium frozen dessert shop, which serves made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream and the world famous “Dragon Breath”. With the fresh ingredients from the local farmers and a magical touch of liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze variety of nature blending in with the ice cream, they serve desserts that are unique and healthy with zero artificial coloring or preservatives.

Fruit tarts at The Bakery in Buena Park, CA.
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11. The Bakery

The Michelin rated bakery serves their award-winning breads, cakes and pastries along with delicious coffee and boba. Favorites at The Bakery include the strawberry cream puff and flavorful cakes topped with fresh fruit.

12. Van Dykes Coffee Roasters

Coffee lovers rejoice for their award-winning coffee that's roasted in house daily at Van Dykes Coffee Roasters. However, a little lesser known fact is that they also bake melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies that go perfect with any drink.
Cheesecake at Cheesetella in Buena Park, CA.
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13. Cheesetella

Tangy cheesecake flavor, fluffy souffle texture. What's not to love about Japanese cheesecake? Pick up a slice at Cheesetella in the Source OC, and learn why fans love this Asian treat. It's the best of two worlds mixed into one dessert!

14. Sweetbox

Known for their delicious and picture worthy macarons, Sweet Box uses a rich, flavorful filling sandwiched between two perfectly baked macarons. Try traditional flavors like pistachio and vanilla or try something unique like cookies and cream or their unicorn shaped treat.


The only thing better than ice cream is an ice cream stacked high atop a cone. Go all in and get the 12 oz. cone when you visit Don Melt. You can choose from strawberry, vanilla, or swirl - and it's vegan-friendly.

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